Original Manufacturer & Supplier of Radiant Infrared Heating Panels.

  • Residential Infrared Installation

    We deliver cost-effective radiation heating solutions for residential properties...

  • Business and Commercial Heating

    ...and in commercial / business buildings of any type.

  • Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heating Panel

    Overhead installation of Sunnyheat panels supplies high radiant heating efficiency and conserves floor space.

  • Textured Glass Finish Infrared Heater

    All heating panel versions are made with high-strength, tempered glass - with textured surface, mirror glass, or printed photographs.

  • Intelligent Saving Temperature Controller - Sunnyheat Control Panel

    Continual wireless monitoring of room climate and equipment status guarantees utility cost savings & precise temperature control.

   Residential & Commercial Infrared Heating concept

  SUNNYHEAT's infrared heating panels can be quickly and easy installed.
  These exceptionally effective glass heat panels and wireless controle (ISTC) combination can be used in 
  residential homes or commercial buildings. This, as primairy or additional heating source.

  SUNNYHEAT infrared heating panels are energy efficient and cost-effective!  This unique heating concept provides the highest levels 
  of indoor heating efficiency, economy and indoor comfort.  The most effective results are achieved when SUNNYHEAT™ panels are 
  used as the sole heat source for structures.

  SUNNYHEAT is 100% manufactured in southern Germany to certified ISO9001 process standards. 
  Our electronics engineering and manufacturing facility has decades of experience. 
  With main clients being other producers of climate-control equipment and public-government entities.

  SUNNYHEAT panels are assembled with tempered glass as the heat-radiating source and aluminum profile framing. 
  An integrated transmitter-receiver is located behind the heating panel for wireless communication 
  with the ISTC (Intelligent Saving Temperature Controller).

  SUNNYHEAT may be wired directly into the building’s electrical system or simply plugged into a 230V outlet. 
  Numerous design options are also available depending upon the model-size of the heating panel.
  Applications inhomes apartments, hotels, cottage/holiday homes, renovation projects, the hospitality industry,
  dormitories, hospitals, retirement homes, spa/wellness centres, hot yoga studios (Bikram), 
  offices and even in agriculture – all with optimum temperature control and 0% fire hazard 
  ISO 9001 Accredited     Economically Friendly     10 Year Sunnyheat Guarantee

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