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SUNNYHEAT™ is absolutely not a direct electrical heater. Electrical power is used to heat up glass. This heated material produces radiant heat waves. After a few minutes, even without consuming any electricity, SUNNYHEAT infrared heating panels still continue to radiate heat for a long while. To regulate the consumption as optimal as possible, SUNNYHEAT™ uses automatic regulation in combination with a PI controller.


SUNNYHEAT™ Infrared Heating Systems produce invisible heat waves, just as the sun has done for billions of years.


With SUNNYHEAT™ you get the warmth of sunshine right in your own home.


SUNNYHEAT™ Infrared Heating Systems are the result of German engineering and represent the latest technology. With the unique radio controlled transmitter/receiver (the ISTC), you can adjust temperature according to your individual needs: simply, freely, and with less cabling/wiring work than with other system.


SUNNYHEAT™ Infrared Heating Systems provide high-tech standards in combination with individual design choices. A wide range of creative possibilities in color and design selection are available.


We have created a healthy, energy-saving heating system to participate in ensuring a better environment for our future by contributing to the reduction of CO2- and greenhouse gas emissions.


ISO 9001 Accredited     Economically Friendly     10 Year Sunnyheat Guarantee